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Each coach receives an all-inclusive package:

1. 5-Day Coaches and Players Clinic

Including: Good to Great” Skills Clinic - Scoring clinic, defense clinic, pass and receive and ice awareness, contact and checking, systems training, fore-checking in all three zones, pressure puck as 5-man units, special teams training…and more

Go to Skill Clinic page for complete info

2. Full-season E-books for Coaches - A comprehensive syllabus to walk you through the entire season including planning tools “good to great” skills training and video support

3. Quarterly Mentor Webinars

4. Special access to online videos and articles

5. Daily email access with prompt reply to questions

6. Bi-weekly coaching facts, tips and updates to keep you current

Coach Share Philosophy and Highlights:

     Joining Coach’s Edge you get over 25 years of experience working within youth sport with a comprehensive drill and design package book that takes the experimentation out of your practice planning. We will provide you with an in depth seasonal book of information that allows you to walk through the season successfully.

   Coach’s Edge offers video support  as well as practice plans and drill implementation with the tools to instruct players of the details and where each drill fits into the game. We will host 3-4 webinars throughout the season showing the key indicator drills that let your players know they are meeting the objectives of the training.  

   Coach’s Edge puts you on track to move to new learning and instructs you when to  revisit and redefine the learning process. Coaches will know if they are meeting their objectives for a successful season as performance and indicator drill packages take the guess work out of the process.  It will become clear the players are forming good habits by the way they play and the way they have learned to compete as an individual and as a team. Coaching becomes fun when the players get to the point where they can say outwardly ,”Look what I have become.” Because of our 25 years of working within youth sport, Coach’s Edge can unequivocally state, “Coaching is about taking players to the next level and having them discover who they are as players as well as people.”  “Look what I have become,” is a very powerful statement that transforms  players to new heights, meeting clear, concrete, specific, measurable and definable skills together with an understanding of how to play together and succeed together. Coaching becomes fun with Coach’s Edge. We take you and your players  to the edge

     We are available daily through email and will answer all questions promptly. We are professional educators with many creative ways to support the discipline procedures and help players to “buy in” to the Coach’s Edge training methods.

     The e-book you will receive has over 200 pages designed to lead coaches through a successful season complete with drill progressions that work and discipline and team building techniques that guarantee success.

     Coach’s Edge instructors and the developers of the program are available as guest speakers and are very good at presenting material in simple, practical ways that ensure success.

     Retreats: We will provide itineraries and planning for 3 retreats to build your core covenants and grow together as a team.

     Playoff and tournament planning with the keys to success in the playoffs. Up a goal and down a goal, face- offs and speciality plays will be explained and outlined for the winning coaches. Get ready, because experience tells us that within 2 years your teams will begin to succeed and compete for the banner.

     Goal setting packages for the players to fill out and develop their goals in concrete specific means.

     Video of drill package to supplement practice plans.

Bi-weekly coaching facts and updates that will benefit the coaching process. Tips that keep you on tract and help with motivation, psychology of sport development and skill development as well as video of current and updated material as it becomes available.