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Coaches Teaching Coaches

Every Clinic Includes:

                 Angling checking and contact confidence clinics

                 Components of effective systems

                 Teaching the forecheck in all three zones

                 Winning, keeping and advancing the puck

                 “Pass first” and “driving the net” offensive philosophies

“Good to Great”


Scoring Clinics:

Defensive Clinics:

1. Backward skating and shuffle techniques that neutralize offensive attacks

2. Tight turns and evasive moves will be taught with the understanding that this is a necessary skill development for all young aspiring defensemen

3. Develop confident gap control with the understanding there are 3 gaps a good defensemen must control in order to defend the rush.

4. Defending the rush - 1 on 1 ‘s 2 on 2 and 3 man attacks

5. Transitional skating and balance

6. Visual acuity and reading pressure attacks

7. Boxing out – finding man and finding the puck

8. Contain vs. seal checking and pressure reads to defend cycles and quick turns

9. Quick break-outs and partnerships training to create a good defensive pairing

10. The 4-up and offensive thinking needed in today’s game

11. Power play and penalty killing skills that fit all systems